How to paint your home exterior properly?

How to paint your home exterior properly?

Painting your offers a new look to your property with many other additional benefits. Professionals like follow step-by-step procedures to paint your home exterior, as it provides an attractive look to your property.

Pressure wash walls

Your home exterior needs to be free from dirt and dust before starting exterior painting. You can remove it by using a pressure washer. It aids in the removal of all undesirable elements from your exterior wall and smoothen the surface of your exterior wall.

Repair damaged surfaces

Check for damage on your exterior surface after cleaning the dust. If there is any damage on wood, metal, siding, stucco, or any other exterior surface, it needs to be cleaned and repaired by filtering cracks and holes, and sanding to cover the grit on your exterior surface.

Remove loose paint

Walk around your property to find chipped paint and remove it by using a paint scrapper and covering it with a sanding block.

Caulk trim

Professionals like have all the required equipment for painting your home exterior. They use caulk trim to cover the gaps between your doors and windows.

Prime stains

Check your exterior for stains and visible wood knots on the home. If any stain is noticed they apply a coating of stain-blocking primer to the particular area with help of a paintbrush. They check for each and every corner of your home to provide an attractive look.

Protect your doors, windows, and lights

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The professional covers all of your valuable and decorative items on your exterior surface, such as doors, windows, and lighting.

Paint exterior

After covering your valuable exterior, they load paint color into the paint sprayer, based on your need. The professional applies one or two coats of flat exterior paint to your home. The professional makes sure that the painted coat is smooth from the top to bottom in a controlled manner on your home exterior.

If you are changing your exterior color, the professional will start with a coat of primer to cover your home exterior. This primer helps to make your home look more attractive. Applying primer is not necessary if you are painting with the same color.

Paint doors

Remove the covers from windows, doors, and lights to add paint to the exterior woodwork in your home.