Comparison of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing

Comparison of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing

The decision between refacing and refinishing kitchen cabinets, like any other home renovation, is ultimately yours. Every homeowner is unique, and no single home repair will be effective for everyone. With that in mind, there are a few factors to consider when deciding between kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing. You can also choose from Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA. Also, here are a handful of the most significant:


The first thing to think about is your timetable. When do you want your cabinets to be finished? Will you be allowed to leave your house while the cabinet makers are at work? Spraying lacquer or applying varnish to kitchen cabinets typically takes 3 to 5 days. Because the fumes from these chemicals can be rather intense, you may be advised or obliged to leave the house. Installations for kitchen cabinet refacing are often faster; the crew will arrive to measure your cabinets, have your new doors made off-site, and then return for the installation.


Kitchen cabinet refinishing is frequently more cost effective since it does not need the purchase of new materials. However, as compared to replacing your kitchen cabinets, both refinishing and refacing are far less expensive. To ensure that you receive a home makeover that you love, it may be worth spending a bit more on refacing and focusing on the savings you’re already getting by not replacing the cabinets totally. Try to check with Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA

Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA


Your current cabinets may or may not be acceptable for kitchen cabinet restoration, depending on the material. Most solid-color cabinets, for example, are not composed of stain-grade wood. Attempting to stain them will simply not work. Similarly, if your cabinets are laminate, they cannot be stained or painted. With these materials, your only practical option is to replace or reface the cabinets.


┬áIf you already like the basic appearance of your cabinetry, kitchen cabinet restoration is a perfect choice. Refinishing, for example, is straightforward and inexpensive if you like the design but want a deeper stain. If you don’t like the fundamental look, refinishing is unlikely to change your mind. In this scenario, refacing is the greatest option for getting a new design without pulling up existing cabinets. Refacing kitchen cabinets allows you to choose from hundreds of various hardware and veneer combinations.