Healthy Lifestyle: Health In Todays Lifestyle

“Eat healthily and lead healthy”, “health is important above studies” etc. are some of the phrases mostly used at our houses, especially by mothers. These are not made for the children to learn in primary schools or use these lines in writing an essay. But these are some of the requisites that are given to the world to get motivated in leading a healthy lifestyle.

 The term “healthy lifestyle” may be taken in numerous ways by people according to:

  • thinking process
  • their environment
  • their cultural stage
  • their social life
  • Or simply by just trying new things in the areas of their interest to keep themselves healthy. Now we will dive into each of the above-mentioned terms in detail to great at least a slight insight.

Thinking process:

The brain is the strong dwelling place for the mind and the mind, as we know, is the powerful asset for controlling our lives as well as lifestyle. This might sound all philosophical or all scientific but it does not change the fact that our mind handles our thinking process.

The way to lead a healthy lifestyle might emerge out of ‘thinking’ which leads to ‘wanting’ and which then again leads to ‘doing it in action. For example- A person thinks to get a fit body or mind for which he might put some interest into it and then he has to exercise or do meditation to achieve the goals.

Environment factor

 Another factor that impacts the path for a healthy lifestyle is our surroundings. People get easily influenced by what they see around them. The environment might include any surrounding that the person sees almost every day such as home, hostel, school/college, or anything. If we see our parents eating healthy foods and adding protein every day to the meals, it might become our healthy habit in the future.

Cultural factor

If we talk of our country, India, the nation has a wide diversity of cultures. People from various cultures follow different ways of leading a healthy lifestyle. For example – people in Odisha think that eating fruits in the evening is the best way to make the body healthy while the people in Jharkhand think that no one should eat fruits in the evening as it won’t be a good appetite. It depends on how people take in the ways of living healthy.